Bradford Teaching Hospitals welcomes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology innovation in Radiology to improve patient care

Cutting-edge AI technology is giving Bradford Teaching Hospitals’ Radiology department a second set of eyes to improve patient care and support the workload of a very busy NHS service.

The AI software – called Annalise Enterprise CXR – is enhancing diagnostic accuracy, efficiency and patient outcomes by detecting some radiological findings which could otherwise be missed on chest X-rays.

The Trust has partnered with Annalise to bring the technology to Bradford to make sure no critical findings are overlooked in chest X-rays and to make diagnostic processes more efficient.

Medical imaging plays a vital role in guiding diagnostic and patient care decisions across the NHS. In chest imaging, precise and rapid reporting is especially crucial as it can lead to timely treatment, potentially saving lives and reducing long-term conditions.

However, chest X-ray findings, including lung nodules, pneumonia, lung collapse and misplaced feeding tubes can often be subtle, and risk being overlooked in certain situations.

The Trust’s Radiology department is using Annalise’s AI-based radiology chest X-ray software which can detect up to 124 findings on chest X-rays in seconds. This will help radiology reporters prioritise urgent cases and notify the team treating the patient of critical findings faster, this will help improve the outcome for our patients.

Principal Superintendent Radiographer at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, Ashley Isherwood, said: “This is a great development for our service as it can directly impact patient care. Annalise has the potential to help with collapsed lungs and early cancer detection allowing improved patient outcomes.”

Dimitry Tran, Co-founder and Deputy CEO of said, “We are thrilled at the deployment of Annalise’s flagship CXR tool at the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.” He added, “I strongly believe that our solution will help radiologists quickly prioritize critical cases, streamline the care pathway, and diagnose with accuracy, speed and confidence. Better and faster diagnostic decisions will translate to superior patient care, a mission common to and the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are excited to witness the impact yet to unfold.”

The addition of AI technology further strengthens the Trust’s Radiology department which has invested in initiatives like the new Interventional Radiology suite and Radiology Day case unit and the recently opened Community Diagnostic Centre in Eccleshill.

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