“AI Hub powered by Microsoft” launch – insights from our Head of AI Engineering

Last Month, celebrating the launch of the “AI Hub powered by Microsoft” for Sydney/NSW area, our Head of AI Engineering, Suneeta Mall joined the eminent panel moderated by Simon Thomsen with co-panelists Steve Nouri, Paul Steven Conyngham and Andrew Boyd, who together delved into exploring the future of AI. 

Below are a few glimpses of what she had to say. 

Computational requirements for AI are exponentially growing every day, models are getting bigger, and data is going beyond bounds. What does the future for AI look like?

Indeed, the scale of the model’s capacity and data volumes has unlocked many potential opportunities for AI and led to emerging abilities that were unthinkable earlier. Going forward, scale and volumes will continue to drive growth. However, the need for purpose-built models for specific scenarios will continue to exist, especially in resource-constrained environments. I also hope that we can innovate more advanced and efficient techniques towards making AI more environment-friendly.

 When will Artificial Intelligence overtake the human race?

Never! While AI has unlimited potential to sieve through data and detect patterns, it is just a subset of what humans do and can do. Biological intelligence is so much more than just mathematics and pattern detection. There is much more to biological intelligence that we can’t even explain. The biochemistry of human intelligence is so innate and sophisticated that despite years of research we do not know enough about it yet. Also, let’s not forget, that it’s not just AI that’s advancing, we are evolving too, it’s Darwin’s theory. Our brain size has tripled over the years; our younger are more intelligent comparatively. As AI gets cleverer, we will too. We will also surround ourselves with more futuristic and intelligent tools that will be our allies in doing more impactful things.

As an AI development specialist, what legal risks are you most concerned about when using AI-based tools?

While this is not my direct area of expertise, however, from a product development viewpoint, we are extremely careful in testing the product and identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Having said that, medical professionals are still in the driving seat, these AI products are simply their assistants to help them do their tasks more efficiently. To support the practitioners in using the tool, we extensively document the details and guidelines. We also include various explainability features so that medical professionals can reason with the model’s prediction to take the final call. Finally, it is always our top priority to equip our health practitioners with sufficient knowledge so they can smartly navigate emerging digital challenges. On a personal note, however, I do worry about the impact of emerging digital challenges such as fake content and cyberbullying on our younger generations.

What are you most excited about for the future?

AI holds tremendous potential in transforming healthcare. I look forward to a future where the power of this technology is unleashed to make high-quality care accessible to everyone, everywhere. On a personal front, I am looking forward to surrounding myself with many like-minded experts through consortia like the AI Hub to create a sum that is larger than its parts. 

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