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Comprehensive medical imaging AI solutions.

Designed to detect.
Made to protect.

Introducing Annalise CXR

Annalise CXR is the world’s most comprehensive AI clinical decision-support solution for chest X-rays, detecting 124 findings.

Intended to assist clinicians with the interpretation of chest radiographs (CXR), the solution is CE marked for use as a medical device in the UK and EU, and available for clinical use in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

A better health future

Powered by clinically robust AI

Gold standard validation, robust algorithm performance, 124 findings.

The Annalise CXR model was trained on over 520,000 CXR studies, comprising over 820,000 individual CXR images. Annalise CXR is trained and validated on datasets labelled by a group of 148 radiologists. Through an intensive process, the group confirmed that each label met standardised definitions set by globally recognised thoracic specialist radiologists.

The Annalise CXR artificial intelligence algorithm is trained on a broad dataset covering a spectrum of CXR machine equipment and manufacturers, departmental and portable imaging, patient demographics, and inpatient and outpatient groups.

“I realised Annalise CXR behaves, in a sense, like a quiet radiology pal sitting over your shoulder, or not unlike having a keen registrar involved in your reporting session. That is, it hovers in the background, and ensures you don't take anything for granted on the X-ray under review.”
Private clinical practice radiologist
"If a radiologist could accessorise, Annalise would be the choice to make. Accurate, fast and easily integrated into existing workflow, Annalise showcases AI as a tool for enhanced efficiency in the reporting room."
Pilot program radiologist user
Member of AXREM (UK)
Association of X-Ray Equipment Manufacturers
CE marked for use as a medical device in the EU
Information Security Management Certified
Medical Devices Quality Management Certified
Featured | 26.07.22

Annalise Enterprise CXR granted CE Mark under MDR class IIb for clinical use in EU

We’re delighted to announce that Annalise Enterprise CXR has been granted CE Mark under MDR class IIb for clinical use in the European Union. Annalise […]
Featured | 14.03.22

Annalise Enterprise CXR receives first U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance

We are excited to share that we have received the first U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for our Annalise Enterprise CXR solution.  This CADt FDA clearance […]
Featured | 05.07.22

Press release: Breakthrough radiology AI provider annalise.ai appoints proven global healthcare leader as CEO, officially launches US team following FDA clearances

Press release Seasoned health technology executive Lakshmi Gudapakkam to become CEO and former HCA Healthcare, Inc. executive Dr Rick Abramson appointed as Chief Medical Officer. […]
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