When everything is STAT, nothing is STAT

Comprehensive AI triage to tackle the worklist’s STAT challenge.

In today’s global healthcare landscape, the demand for medical imaging is continuously rising due to demographic shifts and advancements in medical science. Unfortunately, with the limited availability of radiologists, healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with this growing demand. This poses a significant threat to healthcare quality and, more critically, to human lives, especially when it comes to diagnosing and treating severe, life-threatening conditions.

The situation in the United States mirrors this global challenge, with radiology worklists becoming increasingly lengthy. Notably, up to 50% of medical examinations are labelled as STAT, with 90% of these originating from the emergency department (ED)1. In the US, 75% of ED visits in 2019 required at least one diagnostic or screening test, 51% of which involved medical imaging2.

Under current standard practice, after being sorted by the referring physician’s priority, exams are further organized based on service level agreements (SLA) or a first-in, first-out (FIFO) approach. This means that patients with critical, time-sensitive conditions, many of whom may be asymptomatic, can end up waiting for hours in the queue. This is where integrating AI becomes indispensable. Annalise Triage can reliably and accurately prioritize time-sensitive findings in chest X-rays and non-contrast head CT scans. By integrating Annalise’s FDA-cleared solution, healthcare professionals gain valuable support. Studies containing any of the 12 time-sensitive findings are promptly flagged, allowing for the reordering of the worklist to review patients with critical findings first.

One of Annalise Triage’s standout contributions is its role in prioritizing critical scans, especially in time-sensitive settings, boosted by its comprehensive list of findings for chest X-ray (CXR) and non-contrast head CT (CTB).

Annalise Triage boasts an impressive array of 12 FDA-cleared findings, including 5 for CXR and 7 for CTB. Annalise.ai has had more FDA clearances in the last 6 months than any other medical imaging AI company for computer aided detection devices.*

Readily available for use across the United States, this comprehensive offering includes the 510(k) clearance and the coveted Breakthrough Device Designation for obstructive hydrocephalus. Notably, Annalise Triage is the only radiology triage device to have received this distinction to date#, which is exclusively granted to devices and products that fulfil specific criteria, which include enhancing the diagnosis or treatment of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating conditions, offering breakthrough technology, presenting a significant advantage over existing alternatives, and being in the best interest of patients. As a comprehensive triage AI solution for chest X-rays and head CTs, the Annalise Triage solution may serve multiple purposes, the most important ones being:

Worklist Prioritization: It aids in swiftly assessing and automatically assigning priority levels to cases, enabling them to receive immediate attention. Moreover, it gives clinicians an extra layer of confidence by offering a comprehensive list of findings, particularly important in trauma facilities where multiple clinical issues may be present. Unlike human readers, AI remains impartial, free from fatigue, distractions, or lapses in concentration, ultimately improving the clinicians’ workflow.

Efficient workflow integration: In high-pressure situations where quick decision-making is essential, an AI solution that seamlessly integrates into the existing workflow is vital. AI technology not only prioritizes cases but also provides a notification of the finding, which can bring the cases to the attention of the most suitable radiologist. Its efficiency ensures that time-critical cases receive immediate attention, which may contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Annalise.ai’s solution significantly contributes to enhancing workflow prioritization and improving the efficiency of radiologists. This not only streamlines the diagnostic process but, most importantly, can save lives by ensuring that those with urgent medical needs receive prompt attention.

With Annalise Triage we’re unlocking the power of comprehensive triage, and this is just the beginning…

* 6-month period from March – September 2023, computer aided detection devices, receiving 510(k) clearance from FDA
# FDA website updated as of June 2023

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