Raleigh Radiology plans to enhance Patient Care leveraging Annalise’s AI

The radiology practice leader and the international radiology AI company are working together to provide clinicians with workflow support solutions.

Raleigh, NC, 28th November 2023 – Raleigh Radiology, the leading radiology practice in Wake County, NC plans to take a significant step towards streamlining radiology services and improving patient care by working with Annalise.ai.

Annalise Triage is a cutting-edge workflow support solution aimed at improving the quality of patient care by triaging critical findings in chest X-ray (CXR) and non-contrast head CT (CTB) exams. It prioritizes urgent cases to the top of the radiologist’s workflow and notifies them of these critical findings, enabling faster identification of time-sensitive issues. This could help reduce time-to-care for STAT cases and improve patient outcomes.

Annalise Triage by Sydney-based Annalise.ai has an impressive array of 12 FDA-cleared findings. These include 5 for CXR and 7 for CTB studies. It is the most comprehensive triage solution for these modalities*. Notably, Annalise Triage holds the exclusive breakthrough device designation for obstructive hydrocephalus, a recognition reserved for devices that offer a significant advantage over existing alternatives, especially for life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating conditions.

Mustafa Khan MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Neuroradiology said, “Integrating Annalise Triage into our practices will help improve our radiologists’ turn-around-time to detect a range of critical conditions, including acute subdural hematoma, pneumothorax, and more. This will help us deal effectively with the growing demand for imaging services while maintaining the high standards of excellence and care we are known for.”

Lakshmi Gudapakkam, CEO of Annalise.ai said, “We are delighted to partner with Raleigh Radiology, which has been known for premier imaging services through a patient-centric approach. We are confident in supporting their radiologists through early prioritization and notification of critical cases and seamless workflows.”

The solution will be evaluated in our practice at Raleigh Radiology across North Carolina and available to 50+ board-certified subspeciality Radiologists.

Both parties are excited about the positive impact AI technology will have on patient care, clients, and the broader community, particularly for critical cases.

*FDA website as of June 2023

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