User Interface Design recognised as ‘Best in Class’ in prestigious Good Design Australia Awards

We are delighted to be named as the Best in Class and the Gold Winners of the prestigious Good Design Australia Award.  

The Good Design Australia Awards Jury commented: “ presents an exemplary project that recognises the importance of a clinician-led future for AI in healthcare. It successfully applies AI to improve context-sensitive design and achieve exceptional UI. We commend the use of such technology leveraged in diagnostic and prioritisation processes, and appreciate the deeply iterative design process that empowered it.” 

At, we understand that building a high-performing algorithm is just one component to building a clinically useful tool. We believe that healthcare professionals deserve tools that work seamlessly and align with their workflow. By considering their needs from the ground up, we aim to improve the overall healthcare experience for both clinicians and patients.  

 Designed with deep understanding of the challenges clinicians face  

Medical imaging is crucial for early disease detection and treatment, but radiologists face increasing demand and workload. As a “second set of eyes” Annalise Enterprise helps doctors triage and diagnose confidently, reducing the risk of missing life-threatening conditions. Through iterative design research — 100’s hours observing, interviewing & testing with 100s of international radiologists — we understood the intense time pressure, unique environment, and fatigue of radiology, so UX design was hyper-focused on ergonomics and cognitive aspects load, usability and speed. 

 Radiologists often interact with highly dense, sometimes user-hostile UIs and use dual-handed input via voice and mouse but minimal keyboard use and are hyper-sensitive to distraction and impediments. The UI design is carefully designed to these sensitivities while the UX eliminates constant manual adjustment while the UI seeks to focus all user attention on detecting critical findings and especially focussed on ergonomics by minimising “eye miles” and clustering supporting information in deliberate spacial relationship to the medical images being interrogated. 

A tool constantly used under such pressure must be lightweight, low-friction, effective and pleasing to sustain use and positively impact this critical work.  

This is why we have the Annalise interactive viewer which allows clinicians to:

  • Give feedback 
  • Click on findings and see finding ‘localisation’ one at a time or in groups
  • For CT images: scroll, reformat, rewindow 

See the User Interface yourself: Visit the free online demo.

Annalise has assisted radiology reporting for over 2.1 million patients through constant, highly repeated use by radiologists and clinicians, and 93% continue this high-intensity use after 2 months, with 90% indicating it positively impacts their reporting. 

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