Press release: grows global footprint with expansion into India

Chennai, India 3 May 2023:, one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) radiology companies, has today announced it is continuing its global expansion with the opening of the Annalise India Centre in Chennai — Annalise’s first establishment in India.

The expansion into India continues’s fast-paced growth trajectory as it continues to increase its visibility and capabilities in new markets like the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia. The Annalise India Centre will become a part of this international network and concentrate on the development and marketing of new products. combines superior imaging data with the very best in computer science to produce comprehensive AI clinical decision support solutions, empowering clinicians to make accurate, faster decisions.

According to Lakshmi Gudapakkam, CEO of – “It makes perfect sense for to have a presence in what is rapidly developing as a prominent medical device region. India is one of the fastest growing medical device markets globally and represents a very exciting opportunity,” He added, “This is also a chance to make use of the diverse talent pool that makes India a technological hub and accelerate development of new AI applications.” currently plans to hire across product development including software engineers, product managers and regulatory, as well as to expand the commercial and business services teams.

The two flagship products in the Annalise product line are Annalise Enterprise CTB, one of the most complete AI decision support solutions available for non-contrast CT brain studies, and Annalise Enterprise CXR, one of the most comprehensive AI clinical decision-support solutions available for chest x-rays. These solutions are clinical assisting tools that employ deep learning algorithms to detect the possible existence of up to 124 chest x-ray results and up to 130 brain CT scan findings, including a wide spectrum of disorders that call for immediate intervention. The usage of by radiologists as an assistance tool has been demonstrated to improve detection accuracy and gives clinicians access to a second pair of eyes. has researched and deployed its AI technology across hundreds of leading hospitals and research clinics in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia. These deployments have shown the improvement of diagnostic accuracy across patient populations in every country.

Dimitry Tran, Co-Founder of and board director of said “We are thrilled to announce that will be opening its first local office in India to support the global growth ambitions of the company. Our goal is to redefine what’s possible in radiology, to benefit millions of patients every day and we believe that the move into India will not only support our team to achieve this but also work with the Indian government’s mission of providing equitable, affordable and quality diagnostic services for both communicable and non-communicable diseases.”

While spending on AI in India is anticipated to reach $11.78 billion in 2025 and add $1 trillion to the country’s economy by 2035, AI can offer more than just financial advantages. The World Economic Forum estimates that India has 64 doctors per 100,000 people, which has an influence on access to care, especially in rural areas. Access to care can be increased and made more egalitarian with AI-enabled medical technology., which debuted in Australia in 2021, has gained international recognition and witnessed rapid growth in a short period of time. Its quick global expansion shows how useful AI in healthcare can be and how it has the ability to address problems in different regional markets. Technology is a critical element of modern healthcare and has the potential to improve access to not only affordable but quality healthcare. Radiology is the first touchpoint in the patient journey and AI enabled diagnostic tools will improve diagnosis and accuracy, improving patient care and treatment.


With accelerating advances in medical imaging technology, radiologists and other healthcare providers are now expected to diagnose patients quickly and accurately. fuses the highest quality imaging data with the very best in computer science to produce comprehensive AI clinical decision support solutions, empowering clinicians to make accurate, faster decisions. Its patient-first approach is proudly clinician-led and comes from a deep understanding of the challenges faced in medical imaging. AI solutions provide clinicians with a second set of eyes, allowing them to detect and protect with confidence and drive better health outcomes for all patients. is a joint venture between Australian healthcare technology company and one of the world’s largest radiology companies, I–MED Radiology Network, a partnership that extends the capability of imaging analysis AI to deliver comprehensive modality solutions. The company has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, Vietnam and India.

Annalise Enterprise is not intended to provide direct diagnosis. For detailed device information, including indications for use, contraindications, precautions and warnings, please consult the user guide prior to use. Annalise Enterprise is not for sale in the US. Not all features are available in all regions, check regulatory status with an Annalise employee.


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