receives Great Place to Work recognition

We are excited to share that earlier this month,, along with our friends at, received our first Great Place to Work certification.

Great Place to Work® are an internationally trusted authority with the gold standard for identifying and recognising outstanding employee experience and company culture.

Receiving the certification is a two-step process that includes surveying employees. Scores are then determined through both employee feedback and independent analysis which allows job seekers to easily identify with companies genuinely offer a great company culture.

This achievement is the cherry on top of what has been a phenomenal year for our teams who make and a wonderful place to work every day. We are a people-driven business so making sure we have a happy, supported and truly engaged workplace that enables people to thrive is paramount to us.

Are you interested in joining our team and experiencing working at a Great Place to Work? We’re always looking to expand our team of the very best people. Come and work with us and realise your potential or at our new location in India

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