joins UK trade association AXREM recently became a member of UK trade association AXREM, a trade association representing the interests of suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy, healthcare IT and care equipment. recently launched Annalise CXR – the world’s most comprehensive AI clinical decision support tool for chest X-ray – which received the CE Mark for use as a medical device in the UK and EU, is one of a growing number of medical imaging AI organisations joining AXREM. The organisation supports both member companies and the healthcare sector it serves, by developing and offering innovative solutions, to improve patient care. 

Sally Edgington, AXREM Director, said: “I welcome to the Association and look forward to working with the team here in the UK and in Australia, to help raise the profile of AI solutions and services in our sector. is the first new member we welcomed since establishing the AXREM AI Special Focus Group, so this is an exciting time to be involved”. 

The AI Special Focus Group consists of existing and new companies working in the medical imaging sector who deliver AI solutions to the healthcare sector. One of the primary missions is to assist with the acceleration to AI products adopted within the NHS, by providing support, guidance and thought leadership in the emerging market CEO and Co-Founder Dimitry Tran states: “We are delighted to join AXREM and look forward to working with the Association and its members to support the UK healthcare system in a rapidly evolving sector.

The organisation plays an important role in ensuring we are collectively listening to healthcare providers and for us, developing comprehensive AI solutions that make a tangible difference to medical imaging professionals, and ultimately their patients.”  

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