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Detailed results. Powered by AI.

We focus on the development of comprehensive medical imaging solutions created by clinicians, for clinicians, providing assurance and support when it’s needed most.

annalise.ai is one of the largest radiology AI companies in the world.

Our high-quality product development process is founded on robust algorithm performance evaluation and gold standard validation. Annalise CXR is the world’s first comprehensive chest X-ray (CXR) solution detecting 124 findings, which is up to ten times more findings when compared to other AI solutions currently available.

Annalise CXR

The Annalise CXR model was trained on over 520,000 CXR studies, comprising over 820,000 individual CXR images. It is the most comprehensive AI-driven CXR clinical interpretation support tool on the market.


Intended to assist clinicians with the interpretation of radiological imaging studies, the solution is CE marked for use as a medical device in the EU, and available for clinical use in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

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CXR labels

Annalise CXR is trained and validated on datasets labelled by a group of 148 radiologists. Through an intensive process, the group confirmed that each label met standardised definitions set by globally recognised thoracic specialist radiologists.