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Designed to detect.
Made to protect.

As the only comprehensive medical imaging AI in the world, Annalise is your diagnostic partner empowering accurate, faster decisions, and providing clinicians with peace of mind.

The accelerated growth in medical imaging has raised expectations on radiologists and healthcare providers, to diagnose patients accurately and at speed.

To relieve this pressure while creating meaningful change takes a pioneering blend of clinical thinking and technological capabilities. This is the vision of Annalise.ai.

Working at the intersection of human empathy and artificial intelligence, we fuse the highest quality imaging data with cutting edge computer science. The result? A world-first CXR AI with the most comprehensive analysis available.

Proudly clinician–led, our patient–first approach comes from a deep understanding of the challenges faced in medical imaging. Now with AI, we are providing clinicians with another set of eyes that allows them to detect and protect with confidence and drive better health outcomes for patients from all walks of life

As a joint venture between healthcare technology company Harrison.ai, and one of the world’s largest radiology companies, I–MED Radiology Network, the partnership extends the capability of imaging analysis AI to deliver a more extensive set of findings.


We partner with leading healthcare organisations to create and deploy AI-as-medical-device solutions with global impact, in the pursuit of clinical excellence.


At I-MED Radiology, we have a vision – to be the most respected and trusted medical imaging specialists in the world. That’s our vision, underpinned by our purpose – to save lives and reduce uncertainty.

Our vision is to empower clinicians to make accurate, faster decisions, and provide them with peace of mind.

Forward thinking leadership

Our leadership team has the skills and ambition to keep discovering and innovating. From AI experts to clinicians, we have the right people to help uncover the next generation of medical imaging solutions.

Realise your potential. Work with us.

When working at Annalise.ai, you’re part of a passionate team dedicated to finding new ways of helping clinicians and patients. Ready to bring your expertise to the table?

Member of AXREM (UK)
Association of X-Ray Equipment Manufacturers
CE marked for use as a medical device in the EU
Information Security Management Certified
Medical Devices Quality Management Certified
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