named as supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Artificial Intelligence Agreement

NHS Trusts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can now procure Annalise’s flagship decision-support AI solutions through the CSS AI agreement.

Annalise’s decision-support AI solutions use deep learning to identify and localise the suspected presence of clinically significant findings on medical images and support clinicians to make accurate diagnoses and subsequent patient management plans. The solutions include:

Annalise Enterprise CXRone of the most comprehensive AI clinical decision-support solutions available for chest X-rays identifying up to 124 findings.

Annalise Enterprise CTBa comprehensive AI clinical decision-support solution for non-contrast head CT images identifying up to 130 findings

Peer-reviewed studies looking at quality and efficiency changes when clinicians use Annalise Enterprise as an AI-assist tool have shown improvements in diagnostic accuracy (45% on chest X-rays (Seah et al. Lancet Digital Health, 2021) and 32% on non-contrast head CT images (Buchlak, Q. et al. European Radiology, 2023).) and reporting speed.

Annalise Enterprise also identifies a large number of critical conditions that require rapid intervention and can support NHS trusts with case backlogs via worklist prioritisation, which marks critical or unremarkable cases, according to clinical needs.

Annalise Enterprise is currently being used in the NHS supporting radiology departments and acute care teams to improve lung cancer wait times, triaging urgent cases and improving diagnostic accuracy. Contact our UK team to learn more about our work with the NHS.

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