White paper: The benefits of comprehensive AI solutions for medical imaging

The need for artificial intelligence is clear. Globally, the volume of scans requiring interpretation is growing at a much greater pace than increases in the numbers of radiologists to read them.

With radiologists working at, or close to capacity, this bottleneck can only be alleviated by technologies such as AI that can increase the productivity of these radiologists, allowing more reads to be performed by the existing workforce, or to enable radiologists to focus on more complex tasks, while AI tools automate simpler parts of the process.

This white paper by Signify Research reviews the medical imaging artificial intelligence market landscape and assesses the selection and deployment process for AI solutions.  The paper also compares the benefits of comprehensive-findings solutions such as Annalise CXR, against narrow-finding solutions currently in the market and looks at the future state of medical imaging AI.

This white paper discusses:
  • The overarching trends in medical imaging AI
  • Key considerations in selecting, deploying and integrating medical imaging AI solutions
  • The limitations of narrow findings-based AI
  • The benefits of comprehensive findings-based AI solutions
  • What the future holds for AI in medical imaging

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